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25 Netflix Originals Coming in April | The Weather Channel for Cord Cutters | Need an Antenna Installed? DISH Will Now Do it for You


WINEGARD WEEKLY SIGNAL – Issue #41 25 Netflix Originals Comingin April 2017 The streaming media giant has seen great success with its strategy thus far, and Netflix has no plans to slow down. In fact, Netflix is releasing a whopping 25 original titles next month alone, and they are all laid out for you here along with their release dates. – Read More (BGR) Need an Antenna Installed? DISH Will Now Do it for You Installation service is available to all consumers at, with or without the purchase of an AirTV Player. AirTV Pro… Read More

1-Year Free HBO for DIRECTV NOW Customers | Hulu Adds NBC Cable Networks | Stream Sling TV Anytime, Anywhere


WINEGARD WEEKLY SIGNAL – Issue #40 One Year Free HBO for DIRECTV NOW Customers DIRECTV NOW, the AT&T live TV streaming service, just got a lot livelier for new customers. New customers who subscribe to the DIRECTV NOW “Go Big” or “Gotta Have It” packages will have HBO included in their service for a year. – Read More (AT&T) Amazon to Release New Mid-tier Fire TV with 4K, HDR, and Android 7 This will be Amazon’s first HDR capable streaming device and is meant to be an entry-level model for 4K HDR streaming, to compete… Read More

Stream the NCAA Tournament with March Madness Live | Hulu Signs A+E Networks | Mountain West Conference Considers Cutting-the-Cord


WINEGARD WEEKLY SIGNAL – Issue #39 Stream the NCAA Tournament with March Madness Live The NCAA Tournament is about to shut down productivity across the country and there a going to be a lot of ways to see it. One of the easiest comes via the March Madness Live app and website. – Read More (Streaming Advisor) Hulu signs A+E Networks Hulu has announced that it has signed on A+E Networks to its upcoming live streaming TV service. Hulu made the announcement in a press release, saying that the network joins the ever-growing package of… Read More

3 March Madness Games, One Screen | NEW on Netflix, Amazon, & Hulu | New CNN Streaming Service


WINEGARD WEEKLY SIGNAL – Issue #38 Watch 3 March MadnessGames on One Screen with PlayStation Vue Sony said today that its PlayStation Vue service will now enable PlayStation 4 users to put three channels on their TV screen at the same time. – Read More (Fierce Cable) New CNN Streaming Service CNNgo is introducing an expanded lineup of original programming. New content will be available via the web, iOS and Android mobile apps, as well as connected TV platforms like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV. – Read More (Tech Crunch) Everything… Read More

Netflix to Support HDR on Mobile Devices | Sling TV $10 Add-On Special | Twitch Video-Game Streaming Site to Start Selling Games


WINEGARD WEEKLY SIGNAL – Issue #37 Netflix to Support HDR on Mobile Devices Netflix will soon support HDR technology on mobile devices. With the efficiency of these new encodes, users who are worried about data caps will be able to stream up to 30 hours of Netflix with a 2GB data cap. – Read More (The Economic Times) Sling TV $10 Add-On Special Last week Sling TV rolled out a new deal that would give you 4 add-ons – Kids Extra, Comedy Plus Extra, News Extra, and Lifestyle Plus Extra – for just $10. Sign… Read More

YouTube Kids Exclusive Original Shows | What is Android TV? | CBS Has New Deals with Verizon & Hulu


WINEGARD WEEKLY SIGNAL – Issue #36 YouTube Kids Exclusive Original Shows YouTube kids is Googles kid friendly YouTube app that allows greater control over the content shows. With over 30 billion views in the app to date and over 8 million active viewers enjoying the app each week it has been a huge hit for Google. – Read More (Cord Cutters News) CBS Has New Distribution Deals with Verizon and Hulu CBS has new distribution deals that will enable it to reach audiences served by Verizon FiOS and Hulu’s upcoming live streaming service, CEO Les… Read More

Stop Your TV from Collecting Data | “The Sweet Spot” Dedicated Baseball Channel | Verizon and T-Mobile Data Changes


WINEGARD WEEKLY SIGNAL – Issue #35 Hallmark Channel Comes to Roku Players Watch your favorite Hallmark Channel original shows and movies wherever and whenever you want with the Hallmark Channel Everywhere app available for Roku! – Read More (Cord Cutters News) Stop Your TV from Collecting Data about You Smart televisions can collect more information about you than you think. Vizio has agreed to pay $2.2 million to settle government charges for unconsented data gathering. But Vizio is not the only TV maker that’s getting a look at its users’ habits. – Read More (The… Read More

YouTube Live Streaming | NEW on Netflix, Amazon, & Hulu | Streaming Future: What Is ATSC 3.0?


WINEGARD WEEKLY SIGNAL – Issue #34 Everything Coming to Netflix, Hulu, & Amazon This Week Take a look at this list of movies and TV shows that are coming to popular streaming services this week. – Read More (Cord Cutters News) YouTube Live Streaming YouTube says it’s ready to offer mobile live streaming to anyone with over 10,000 subscribers. The expansion should cover all of the big name YouTubers who have a large, ravenous audience. – Read More (Engadget) Hulu Focused on Avoiding Live TV Streaming Snafus Hulu’s technology types are focused on making sure… Read More

Super Bowl Blackout | Top 10 Free New Genre Channels | Coming to Crackle in February


WINEGARD WEEKLY SIGNAL – Issue #33 Super Bowl Blackout The pay-TV-backed American Television Alliance has identified six markets in which FOX affiliates will be blacked out because of retransmission consent battles when the 51st Super Bowl kicks off this Sunday. – Read More (FierceCable) Coming to Crackle in February February is just around the corner, and Crackle, a free online streaming service, has just sent over their list of new movies and TV shows joining the service next month. – Read More (Extreamist) CBS All Access Free Month Trial CBS All-Access now offers over 8,500… Read More

19 Hidden Roku Tricks | New Sling Channels | Nintendo Switch Streaming


WINEGARD WEEKLY SIGNAL – Issue #32 19 Hidden Roku Tricks for Streaming Success Whether you just got a Roku or you’ve had one for years, there’s more to know beyond the basics of a Luke Cage marathon. We’ve put together 19 ways for you to get more out of your streaming device. – Read More (PC Mag) Sling TV Adds Six New Channels Sling TV has added FashionBox, DocuBox, 360TuneBox, and NatureVision TV to its Englishi Bonus Pack; FightBox and Fast&FunBox are now part of its World Sports package; and DocuBox and FightBox (with Polish… Read More

22 Fire TV Tips & Tricks | Stream the 2017 Presidential Inauguration | Amazon Warehouse Deals


WINEGARD WEEKLY SIGNAL – Issue #31 99 Gray Television Stations Go Dark on DISH Today Gray Television is bracing for its stations to be blacked out by Dish Network starting at 7 p.m. ET tonight. Purchase a Winegard FlatWave antenna to watch top rated shows for FREE! – Read More (Broadcasting & Cable) How to Stream the 2017Presidential Inauguration Almost everyone will be streaming coverage – here’s how to watch Trump’s inauguration on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, and more! – Read More (Cord Cutters News) Why Amazon’s Echo is Totally Dominating We’re barely halfway… Read More

10 Days Free Sling TV | Top Tech of CES 2017 Award Winners | New NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV


WINEGARD WEEKLY SIGNAL – Issue #30 5 Can’t Miss Streaming Originals in 2017 The three main streaming services are kicking off the new year proper, showcasing their continued commitment to original content with both new and returning series. – Read More (The Daily Dot) How Hulu Plans to Challenge Sling and DIRECTV Now You’ll get live TV, two simultaneous streams, a cloud DVR feature, plus the on-demand TV shows that the service is known for — movies, too. – Read More (The Verge) Digital Trends Top Tech of CES 2017 Award Winners When all was… Read More

CES 2017: Streaming TV Ready for a Huge Year | Netflix vs. Amazon in 2017 | Best TVs of CES 2017


WINEGARD WEEKLY SIGNAL – Issue #29 CES 2017: Streaming TVReady for a Huge Year 2017 looks like a make or break year for streaming TV. Manufacturers of smart TVs can supercharge streaming — and reap rewards themselves — by cracking the user experience code. – Read More (The Wrap) Best TVs of CES 2017 CES is the place where all the TV manufacturers go to show off their ranges for the year ahead and the new technologies they’ve been working on. Here are the TVs you can expect to see at the world’s largest consumer… Read More

Hulu Live Coming 2017 | New 4K Fire TV Interface | Amazon Prime Video vs. Netflix


WINEGARD WEEKLY SIGNAL – Issue #28 Sling TV Adds Z Living Network Right now their lineup includes shows like House Poor, Now Eat This!, Family Style with Chef Jeff, and Weighted Families. – Read More (Cord Cutters News) Hulu Live Coming 2017 The online video service Hulu is planning to become the first to offer live television broadcasts along with a large library of on-demand programming. – Read More (Fortune) New 4K Fire TV Interface Amazon has rolled out a new user interface for its 4K Fire TV set-top-box and will introduce the new design… Read More

YouTube “Unplugged” Online TV Service | Top Tech Gifts Under $50 | Sling TV vs. PlayStation Vue vs. DIRECTV Now


WINEGARD WEEKLY SIGNAL – Issue #27 Sling TV vs. PlayStation Vue vs. DIRECTV Now Which live TV streaming service is best? This handy guide detailing each service’s features, content offerings, and how they compare to each other will help you decide. – Read More (Digital Trends) YouTube Creating CableTV Competitor For months, it’s been rumored that YouTube is working on something called “Unplugged,” a TV package of traditional channels that would be delivered over the internet. – Read More (Business Insider) Comcast Confirms TV & Internet Price Hikes It’s these unrelenting rate hikes that have… Read More

Get Free TV with an HDTV Antenna


  Get FREE TV with an HDTV Antenna. Ninety-four of the top 100 watched shows are FREE with a Winegard HD antenna.

Netflix Download & Offline Playback | Hulu Offers 4k | DIRECTV Now Service Available on Fire TV Devices


WINEGARD WEEKLY SIGNAL – Issue #26 Hulu Now Offers 4K, Including 20 Bond Films Hulu has begun offering 4K streams for Xbox One S and PlayStation Pro owners, and 007 fanatics will be thrilled. Hulu is streaming 20 James Bond films in 4K. – Read More (Pocket-lint) Netflix Finally Lets You Download Shows and Movies You can finally take Netflix with you onto a plane or the subway. Netflix announced that it’s launching offline playback for “many of your favorite streaming series and movies.” – Read More (The Verge) DIRECTV Now Service Available on Fire… Read More

For Fans of Major Networks, Antennas Still Dominate OTT

Cord cutting is a phenomenon – but it’s not one that is well understood. The media has a bad habit of representing cord cutting as an enemy of live TV. Citing on-demand streaming services and a changing advertising revenue landscape, some observers want us to view cord cutting as a war between on-demand content subscriptions and all forms of live television.   But that’s not really what cord cutting is about, and it never was. People don’t make the decision to cut the cord because they dislike live TV – they do it because they… Read More

Infographic: The History of Winegard

winegard milestones

  Since 1948, Winegard has been at the forefront of many of the industries technological breakthroughs by innovating at every opportunity. Take a quick stroll through time as we look at some major Winegard milestones over the years.

Winegard facilitates business and commercial communications with VSAT products

VSAT Blog Series

  This post is the last in a series about the spectrum of products and technology offered by Winegard Company   For business and commercial communications, VSAT (very small aperture terminal) is the preferred communication platform where there is no fiber and cable available, where two-way on-the-go communications is required, and where it is critical to have a communication back-up system. Because of the shrinking size and growing portability of VSAT antennas and terminals, a broad range of industries are increasingly deploying this vital communications device. Industries using VSATs around the globe include oil and… Read More

The Best Satellite TV Antennas for RVs and Tailgating

pathway blog

  This post is the fourth in a series about the spectrum of products and technology offered by Winegard Company   Portable and roof mounted satellite antennas provide users with flexibility and choice. Users can set up their TV at the campsite, or mount the antenna on their RV roof. While satellite antennas have become more economical in recent years, Winegard’s antennas are recognized for their build quality and value. For example, Winegard’s metal reflectors are resistant to temperature changes, generate a stronger signal and are designed for high efficiencies. Antennas that have high efficiency… Read More

On the road: Free HD programming through Winegard’s mobile over-the-air antennas


  This post is the third in a series about the spectrum of products and technology offered by Winegard Company   For RV enthusiasts and truckers, an over-the-air antenna can combine on-the-road freedom and flexibility with the desire for free local HD programming. Consumers and truckers looking to incorporate these kinds of antennas into their travel experience should evaluate the antenna’s mobility, performance and reliability. Winegard’s mobile OTA HD antennas are recognized for their ability to deliver top rated local programming with a sharp HD picture.   Sensar line   Winegard’s Sensar antennas have led… Read More

Infographic: On the Road with the American RVer

RV featured image

  An RV is a vehicle that combines transportation and living quarters for travel and recreation purposes. In this infographic, we take a look at some RV fun facts, top destinations and budgets of the estimated 9 million RVs currently on the road.

14 ways Winegard is boosting recycling, increasing energy efficiency and reducing its carbon footprint


  Waste reduction and recycling   Paper and plastic   Winegard is making waste reduction of paper and plastic a key component of its sustainable manufacturing process.   1). Winegard is recycling 99% of corrugated packaging coming from suppliers.   2). The plastic scraps including the sprue and runner drops from injection molded parts and plastic reels are sent to the recyclers to be used in other products.   3). Large plastic sacks are saved from the landfill so that they can be used to make powder coat paint.   Scrap metal and petroleum products… Read More

Winegard highlights Ka-Band auto-acquire antennas at Satellite 2015 show


At the Satellite 2015 show in Washington, D.C., Satellite Markets and Research Editor-in-Chief Virgil Labrador spoke with Grant Whipple, Director of Sales and Business Development, at Winegard on the new Ka-Band auto-acquire antennas highlighted at the show.  

Winegard’s durable and reliable residential fixed antennas deliver trouble free service


  This post is the second in a series about the spectrum of products and technology offered by Winegard Company   Winegard designs its fixed consumer antennas according to Design for eXcellence (DfX) principles. This philosophy encourages communication and cooperation between the Winegard departments responsible for the design and manufacture of the product. Winegard’s DfX process increases product quality, reliability and ultimately, consumer satisfaction. Winegard’s reflector dishes come with wind ratings that have been validated through Winegard’s qualification and functional testing, a process that includes in-depth range and field testing.   The Ku band  … Read More

Winegard updates traditional technology for modern day use

blog family

  This post is the first in a series about the spectrum of products and technology offered by Winegard Company.   Traditional over-the-air antennas built the foundation of the manufacturing powerhouse that is now Winegard Company. In the early 1950’s, Winegard founder and Iowa native John Winegard designed and built the world’s first all channel Yagi antenna, revolutionizing the antenna industry.   Today, TV antennas many seem like equipment from a previous era, but strong demand remains among consumers who want to cut their cable cord and enjoy a better picture. HDTV antennas provide excellent… Read More

Winegard Partners with ITDRC to Modernize Mobile Centers for Disaster Relief Efforts


Today, we are proud to announce a strategic partnership with the Information Technology Disaster Resource Center, a non-profit, public charity that provides communities with resources to continue operations and recover their technology infrastructure from disaster. Our Pathway X1 (pictured above) and Rayzar Automatic (not shown) antennas are outfitted on the ITRDC’s mobile technology units for enhanced situational awareness during disaster relief efforts.   “The relief and assistance that ITDRC provides to communities hit with disasters is a noble, worthwhile, and necessary cause, and we’re thrilled to be able to contribute to such a fantastic organization,” says… Read More

Winegard features seven different products at Satellite 2015

Winegard at Satellite 2015

This week, the Winegard team headed to Satellite 2015 in Washington DC. For those who are unfamiliar, Satellite 2015, is an annual conference and exhibition that has communications solutions for every end-user of satellite communications, and serves a wide range of markets that includes: commercial, enterprise, broadcast, maritime, military, emergency response, and more.   The team setup shop at booth #4063, and put seven of our best products on display for show attendees. Check out the featured products below, along with a few photos from the show.   Featured products   1). WV750A Driveaway Ka… Read More

Expedition Communications Adds the Winegard VSAT Antennas to its Selective Products Portfolio


LONG BEACH, Calif. and BURLINGTON, Iowa – Expedition Communications, which installs and maintains communication systems equipment worldwide, and Winegard, a global leader in antenna design, development, and manufacturing, today announced they have formed a partnership that enables Expedition to recommend, sell and install Winegard’s line of VSAT antenna systems.   Expedition Communications installs VSAT systems for organizations in the military, government, non-profit organizations, and commercial sectors worldwide. For these companies and government agencies, VSAT represents the best, if not the only, option for creating an enterprise communications network with connectivity to remote or mobile sites… Read More

Stewart-Haas Racing Chooses Winegard Carryout® G2 Compact Automatic Portable Satellite TV Antenna for Team Pit Boxes


BURLINGTON, Iowa – Stewart-Haas Racing has selected Winegard, a leader in antenna design, development and manufacturing, to provide the satellite TV antenna for each of its team’s pit boxes during the 2015 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series season.   The Winegard Carryout G2 portable satellite antenna debuted on each of the team’s four pit boxes during the Feb. 14 Sprint Unlimited at Daytona (Fla.) International Speedway.   “We traditionally used a fixed antenna to get the TV signal for the race and live weather, but we contacted Winegard because their G2 Automatic was so much easier… Read More

Case Study: Winegard Antenna Platform Provides Perfect Solution For HermesConnect Customers

The installation of communication platforms for the oil and gas industry has traditionally been an expensive and complicated process. Because the setup of a fixed antenna platform required a VSAT engineer on site, drilling companies have had to manage a costly, time consuming activity that made the equipment vulnerable to damage. Winegard’s SF series VSAT antennas solve these problems with a small footprint antenna that can be transported safely and easily, and establish an automatic satellite connection with the push of a button.   Hermes Datacomms, a communications provider for the oil and gas industry… Read More

The American Trucker at a Glance


  If you connected all the loads that trucks delivered in 2013, the chain would stretch from the earth to the moon more than 11 times. The trucking industry collects $650 billion in annual revenue, pays $35 million in federal, state, and highway use taxes each year, and is expected to grow 21% over the next ten years. There are 8.9 million people employed in trucking-related jobs by trucking companies, warehouses, and the private sector. There are 3,500,000 truck drivers in the U.S. Of that number, 1/9 are independent, a majority of which are owner… Read More

Winegard Pathway X1 Portable Satellite TV Antenna Wins 2015 CES Innovations Honoree Award

Winegard Pathway X1 Portable Satellite TV Antenna Wins 2015 CES Innovations Honoree Award

Yesterday, we announced that our pathway mobile TV satellite system has won a 2015 CES Innovations Honoree Award. The CES Innovations Awards is an annual competition honoring outstanding design and engineering in consumer technology products.   As the smallest satellite TV antenna on the market today, the Pathway X1 stands out by offering simple and user-friendly setup and operation, which enables consumers to quickly and easily access live TV programming in HD anywhere with a DISH subscription or pay-as-you-go programming.   We spoke to Aaron Engberg, Product Manager of Winegard and Jimshade Chaudhari, Director of… Read More

A la Carte Television: Would it Really Save You Money?


The momentum for cutting the cord and getting rid of cable once and for all is really picking up speed, but there are still plenty of people out there hesitant make the switch, and not just for fear of missing out on favorite programming—though most of it can be viewed elsewhere, for a fraction of the cost, if not for free. But some are holding out on the hopes that cable providers might start to offer an alternative to the larger packages: a la carte cable options. This feature would allow consumers to pick and… Read More

How to Watch the World Cup Without Cable


Today marks the start of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, taking place in Brazil. While it will be an exciting few weeks for soccer fans around the world, there’s one problem: how are you going to watch any of the matches if you made the decision to cut the cord and ditch cable?   Of course, you could hit up a local sports bar. But with 64 total games to be played over the course of the tournament, that’s a lot of time at a pub, away from the comfort of home. (Plus, you’d likely… Read More

Time to Cut the Cord? Americans Use Just Nine Percent of TV Channels


You know what it’s like. You’re spending a lazy Sunday afternoon parked on your couch, flipping through the 500 channels available to you. Frustrated, you toss the remote aside and declare, “There’s nothing on TV.” You’re not alone.   A new study from Nielsen shows that, even when there is favorable programming on television, the average American only watches about nine percent of the channels available to them…channels that they’re paying premium dollar for.   Last year, the average cable-consuming home in the U.S. received 189 different channels, an increase of 50 channels from just… Read More

Case Study: Cord-Cutting on the Rise


Thinking about cutting the cord? You’re not alone! A recent report, conducted by Experian Marketing Services, reveals that the number of Americans that no longer subscribe to cable is steadily growing. In the last four years, it increased 44 percent, totaling 7.6 million homes across the country.   On top of that, of all the homes that subscribe to Netflix or Hulu, 18.1 percent are considered to be cord cutters. The report also shows that if at least one resident of any household owns a smartphone or tablet, their chances of being a cord cutter… Read More

Cutting the Cord? Here Are Some Cable Alternatives.


So, you’ve finally decided to cut the cord. (Congratulations!) But now that you’ve cut back on a huge monthly financial burden, how do you go about getting watching your favorite shows? It may not be entirely as easy as programming your DVR, but there are a number of ways to help keep you connected to the entertainment world. Of course, start off with our FlatWave antenna to get all your local channels, but what about the non-network programming you love? Here are the two best options:   Dongles If you haven’t heard of a dongle,… Read More

Cord Cutting Revolution – Infographic


    What is “Cutting the Cord”? The term is used for anyone who cancels their cable or satellite subscription in favor of alternative options such as streaming video services and more.   An over-the-air antenna pulls in local broadcast signals – for free! Of all U.S. households with TVs in 2013, 19.3% rely solely on OTA signals — up from 17.8% from the year before. That’s about 22.4 million households.   The best option is to find an antenna that offers both VHF (Very High Frequency) and UHF (Ultra High Frequency) instead of just… Read More

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