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Satellite, Broadcast HDTV, and WiFi Antennas

The Winegard DuraSAT D4 in-motion satellite TV antenna is great for team driving or recording shows while traveling! The Winegard DuraSAT D4 delivers DISH, DIRECTV, and BellTV programming.

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EpicVue—where innovation and technology meet to deliver the industry's first and only premium in-vehicle satellite TV, packaged exclusively for fleets.

EpicVue Equipment Package
  • EpicVue satellite dome
  • DIRECTV receiver
  • 24″ flat screen TV
  • Mounting and cabling equipment
  • Local area antenna


How It Works

With the EpicVue dome mounted and aligned outside the cab and the DIRECTV receiver connected and powered inside the cab, the driver is ready to watch 100+ channels of premium entertainment.

That’s downtime well spent.

With full access to premium entertainment like NFL Sunday Ticket, HBO, Showtime, and 100+ other channels, fleet drivers can experience TV like never before.

Trucking TV Antennas

Rayzar Free HDTV Broadcast Antennas

Watch free local broadcast TV including the top 10 most watched shows shown on the major networks with a Winegard Rayzar HDTV digital antenna.

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