Winegard Unveils the New FlatWave Micro, an Ultra-Compact HDTV Over-the-Air Antenna, for Cord-Cutters

A smaller, portable indoor antenna with Winegard's commitment to the best performance, best electronics, and best quality

BURLINGTON , Iowa — (September 16, 2015) — Winegard Company, a pioneer in antenna design and development, rolls out the FlatWave Micro, the newest addition to its popular FlatWave collection of over-the-air HD TV antennas. This indoor antenna comes in a smaller package, but boasts the same trusted Winegard performance, electronics, and quality.

"Whether you are a cord-never or a cord-cutter, this razor-thin HD antenna is a perfect alternative to costly cable or satellite subscriptions," says J.D. Hoffman, Product Manager of Winegard. "This is a cost-effective antenna option that delivers top-rated local broadcast programs in beautiful HD quality, for free. We're excited because it's our smallest FlatWave yet, with a unique design for fantastic reception."

The FlatWave Micro is the most compact version in the current FlatWave lineup (Winegard also has the original FlatWave, FlatWave Amped, and FlatWave Air). It is 5.25" tall by 7" wide and weighs a mere 0.28 pounds, so it can easily be hidden in a window, hung behind a picture or HDTV, or even laid flat on a table or entertainment console.

This over-the-air indoor antenna can be setup in less than five minutes by hooking it up to the television using the included 5-foot coaxial cable. Once the user places the antenna near the television, simply run a channel scan to see what's available, and start enjoying free, crystal clear programming. The FlatWave Micro can pull in local signals from broadcast towers up to 30 miles away making it ideal for metro area reception.

Designed and manufactured in the United States, the FlatWave Micro comes with a one-year limited warranty. It features a reversible black/white antenna design so it will fit into any home or office décor.

It is available for $21.99 at

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