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Winegard features seven different products at Satellite 2015

This week, the Winegard team headed to Satellite 2015 in Washington DC. For those who are unfamiliar, Satellite 2015, is an annual conference and exhibition that has communications solutions for every end-user of satellite communications, and serves a wide range of markets that includes: commercial, enterprise, broadcast, maritime, military, emergency response, and more.


The team setup shop at booth #4063, and put seven of our best products on display for show attendees. Check out the featured products below, along with a few photos from the show.


Featured products


1). WV750A Driveaway Ka VSAT Antenna System: The WV750A is Winegard’s first Ka satellite system addressing the rapidly growing High Throughput Satellite (HTS) market. Winegard’s solution is designed with an ultra-low backlash gear train and GPS compass to ensure a reliable and superior performing system. This system is ViaSat approved and provides ViaSat’s Excede service. It features automatic satellite acquisition and the ability to periodically “re-peak” to optimize broadband signal strength.


2). WM-1000 Terrestrial Wireless Broadband Auto-acquire System: The WM-1000 addresses terrestrial broadband connectivity with an auto-aiming mount for applications where location may change. The automatic signal acquisition eliminates the need for costly trained technicians to setup fixed manual antennas. Unlike manual fixed mount options, the “re-peaking” feature greatly reduces downtime in communications/data in critical situations when antenna position changes make it unable to maintain a signal. This mount is designed to operate in harsh environments, is customizable for various wireless broadband platforms, and includes a 19” 24 rack mount controller.


3). SF1200 Transportable Skid: This innovative solution houses all broadband equipment, including VSAT, controller, router, RF modem and 1.2 meter reflector in a small area. The climate controlled enclosure can handle temperatures ranging from -40 – +50 degrees Celsius. It is easily transported, and designed to fit on utility vehicles and trucks.


4). RD-1200 Rapid-Deploy Ku VSAT Antenna System with Tripod Mount: Winegard’s Rapid Deploy satellite system delivers a high performance auto-acquire solution at a low cost making it an effective alternative to manually deployed systems. Automatic satellite acquisition eliminates the need for costly trained technicians who set-up manually deployed systems. In addition, pointing errors are eliminated and the “re-peaking” feature allows signal strength to be maximized. This unit is easily transportable, and included with this system are controller, transport cases and a patented tripod mount. It requires no tools and is easy to assemble and disassemble in minutes. Reflectors are available in 1, 2, and 4 piece options.


5). G2 Compact Portable Satellite TV System: This system addresses Winegard’s breadth of engineering design capabilities by providing a small satellite system geared towards watching satellite TV in consumer markets. It automatically acquires a satellite and is compatible with DISH, DIRECTV, and Bell TV program providers. Its small, lightweight design makes it easy to transport. In-motion models and vehicle roof top mount models are available.


6). X2 Portable Satellite TV System: The X2 highlights Winegard’s unique engineering design capabilities by providing a portable satellite system that offers mobile consumers an option to view television anywhere in the continental United States. It views eastern and western arch satellites. It automatically acquires a satellite and is integrated with DISH VIP series receivers and is designed to work with two program receivers.


7). Fine-tune Adjustable Fixed Satellite Antenna: This antenna demonstrates Winegard’s breadth of engineering design capabilities in fixed satellite DBS antennas. The mount has fine-tune adjust capability, and is a high volume, cost-effective antenna solution.

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