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Winegard Commercial Mobile VSAT 2-Way Flyaway Series Airline Checkable Auto-Acquire Antennas

Flyaway Series

Airline checkable
auto-acquire antennas
Staying connected, even in the most remote locations, has come to be expected in today's fast paced, high tech global market place. And the new Winegard Airline Checkable Auto-Acquire Flyaway Antenna meets the ever growing need of having a real-time broadband solution in the most remote of locations when airline transportation is required. Winegard Special Products Division antennas use the strongest, most rugged actuators and motors in the industry, allowing for maximum reliability in extreme environments as well as providing the fastest acquisition times in the market.

The fully-integrated two-way controller features singlebutton operation without requiring an external PC. The Controller is rack-mountable, and the built-in DVB receiver and GPS makes the Winegard Two-Way Controller work on most platforms available in the industry including HughesNet™, iDirect, SpaceNet®, Comtech®, and Nera.

  SPFx12A Mobile VSAT Antenna System
Tripod Mount Antenna
Reflector Type: 4 piece segmented 1.2m .8 F/D Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester SMC
Max Deployed Height: 70"
Reflector Case (Size/Weight): 28"L x 20.5"W x 28"H / 77.2 lbs
Feed Arm Case (Size/Weight): 54"L x 12"W x 13"H / 52.4 lbs
AZ/EL Case (Size/Weight): 35"L x 16"W x 21"H / 73.5 lbs
Tripod Case (Size/Weight): 39"L x 12W x 11.5"H / 41.5 lbs

Flyaway Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet
SPFx12A Case and Reflector
5 Must-Have System Characteristics
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