DTS VSAT Antenna Case Study

DTS & Winegard Case Study

In some of the most remote locations and hostile environments on earth, providing voice, data and video communication links back to company headquarters or other locations is a business necessity. Whether those sites are in the Arctic, Malaysia, Saudia Arabia, Texas or the Gulf of Mexico, VSAT satellite systems provide an ideal communication medium because of its data security, no need for a computer and broadband speed of data transmission.

Global communications and IT services company DTS was competing with the Goliaths of their industry for a major VSAT (very small aperture terminal) contract. The target was one of the largest oil field services companies in the U.S. The prize was more than 200 VSAT systems that would be used to communicate between remote drilling or well sites and corporate headquarters hundreds or thousands of miles away.


Each satellite communication system would need to transmit and receive voice, data and video, as well as provide wireless broadband at the remote locations.


Some 40 companies from around the world competed for this enormous communications contract over a period of 18 months. The customer was determined to find the best combination of value and price. DTS was one of the smallest, and the only privately-held competitor for the contract. The ultimate decision would not be made on price alone, but on the ability of the supplier to provide a superior, customized product on a relatively tight timeframe.

But how to beat the big competitors?


DTS teamed up with Winegard Company to pursue the proposal and develop a unique and cost efficient solution for the end customer. The companies complemented each other because of their belief in quality, innovation and timely response.


“DTS chose Winegard to supply the VSAT systems because it produces innovative, reliable products and can quickly customize units to fit our customers’ unique needs,” said DTS President Mike Guidroz. “When we call them and say we need a specific antenna, it’s done in days or weeks versus months for some of their competitors. Speed to deliver is a key factor for our customers and that is where Winegard rose to the top. We also like the rugged construction of the Winegard VSAT units along with the tech free set-up.”


DTS won the oil field services company multi-year VSAT contract because of the innovation in product and packaging, as well as the speed to deliver. Many of the DTS competitors were unable to match the speed to deliver and cost effectiveness sought by the customer.


“We were able to beat out communications companies and systems integrators ten times our size thanks to innovation and the ability to deliver a large quantity of custom VSAT systems,” explained Guidroz. “Winegard’s antenna was both highly reliable and significantly lower in price than similar competing units. As far as delivery is concerned, Winegard could do what no other manufacturer could: produce customized VSAT units in high quantities in days or weeks instead of months.”


Hundreds of Winegard VSAT units are being deployed coast-to-coast and in the Gulf of Mexico to provide the oil field services company with customized secure, remote communications with its oil rigs and other operations. Winegard’s VSAT systems provide a direct link between headquarters and oil field operations, without using the Internet or a PC, for data, voice and video communications, often in hostile environments.


A fully integrated Winegard two-way controller features single-button operation that automatically acquires the target satellite in less than three minutes for fast and reliable communications.

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