Satisfaction Survey

Satisfaction Survey

Winegard Company is dedicated to continuously improving our products, customer service, and technical support. Please take a few moments to complete our product satisfaction survey. We value your feedback.

We value your feedback. Please take a few moments to complete our product satisfaction survey. Your responses will help us to address any issues you may have and enable us to enhance and tailor our products and services to meet your needs. Thank you.

This survey will take less than 3 minutes to complete.

  1) How satisfied are you with the following attributes or characteristics of your Winegard product?

For each point below, please rate your level of satisfaction using the following 5 point scale:
1=Very Dissatisfied,   2=Dissatisfied,   3=Neutral/Not Sure,   4=Satisfied,   5=Very Satisfied
1 2 3 4 5 N/A
Purchase Experience
Setup & Installation
Usage Experience
Support/Customer Service

2) How often do you typically use your Winegard product?
   2-3 times a week
   Once a week
   A few times a month
   Less than once a month

3) Overall, how satisfied are you with your Winegard product?
   Very Dissatisfied
   Very Satisfied


4) How would you compare this Winegard product to other similar products you have used?
   Much Worse
   Somewhat Worse
   About the Same
   Somewhat Better
   Much Better

5) Would you recommend your Winegard product to others?
   Definitely Not
   Probably Not
   May or May Not
   Probably Will
   Definitely Will

6) If you would like to share any additional comments or experiences about your Winegard product, please enter them below.:

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