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Other VHF UHF Antennas for RVs

HA-0130 Hideaway Antenna
For motor homes, camper trailers, mobile homes and boats. VHF/UHF/FM travel antenna picks up stations in all directions without rotator. Opens and closes like an umbrella, stores inside weatherproof tube. Includes weatherproof housing with rain cap, 75 ohm cable with connectors, mounting hardware.

Omni-Directional, means antenna will receive signal in all directions. Non-amplified.

HA-0130 Manual
HA-0130 Manual
Hideaway RV Antenna
RV-7020 Bi-Directional Antenna
Straight forward dipole, 82 channel RV antenna provides improved reception over indoor types. Easy to install with screwdriver. Lowers to side of vehicle when not in use. Includes hardware, mast, downlead.

Bi-Directional, means antenna must be pointed toward television signal source. Non-amplified.

HA-0130 Manual
HA-0130 Manual
Dipole RV Antenna
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