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DIRECTV Receiver Setup for SK-3003

DIRECTV Mobile Satellite Antenna
The following instructions assume that the TRAV’LER antenna has found and locked onto satellites 101°, 110° and 119°. There should be an asterisk next to 101°, 110°, and 119° on the TRAV’LER interface.

In most DIRECTV receivers, the setup is done through the “Repeat Satellite Setup” option in your receiver menu. The following instructions are based upon an H24 receiver. If your receiver differs from the options shown, you may need to consult your receiver manual. The wording and display used in your receiver may differ slightly.

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Press Menu on your remote, and then select Parental, Fav's & Setup.
Mobile DIRECTV Satellite Systems

Documents SK-3003 DIRECTV Receiver Setup Guide
Receiver Setup Guide

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