Q: Why do I have to provide my credit card number and my social security number?

A: We ask for your social security number for both your protection and ours. Because we activate your account over the phone, we want to ensure that no one else can use your identity to establish a separate account. Since many people have similar names and addresses, your social security number is just an additional piece of information that can identify you.

Please be assured that DirecTV does everything possible to protect the information that they receive from their customers. They consider all customer account information to be private and confidential. To protect the security systems and policies that they have in place, they cannot disclose any details. DirecTV can reassure you that they are using the most secure protection software available, as well as following all official consumer protection laws and guarantees. Additionally, all of DIRECTV’s Customer Service Representatives are trained to respect customer privacy as well as to abide by their internal security systems

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