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Q: Can I suspend my account?

A: If you will not be using your DIRECTV service and would like to temporarily suspend your account, you can do this at no charge by calling DirecTV at 1-800-531-5000. You can say “suspend services” at the voice prompt and the automated system can complete your request.

Reasons you might put your service on hold include:
• You have a second home and only need service for part of the year
• You are moving or relocating to a new location and it will be a while before you can have DIRECTV service.

Requirements for putting your service on hold.
• Zero balance on your bill
• Customers with only 1 account are allowed a maximum of 2 suspend requests every 12 months
• Customers with 2 or more accounts are allowed a maximum of 4 suspend requests per account every 12 months
• Total time with service suspended per 12 month period cannot exceed 6 months
• The minimum time for an account suspend is 30 days

Additional reminders about putting your service on suspension:
• Service agreements are extended for the amount of time the account is in suspension. For example: Your service agreement expires in June, but then you suspended the account for 4 months. The updated service agreement now ends in October
• Recurring or promotional credits don’t get extended. For example: You currently have 6 months left of a $10 for 12 months credits offer, but suspend your account for 2 months. You will forfeit the credits during the time in suspend. Your account will receive the remaining 4 months of credits when it is reinstated from suspension
• If there is an active sports subscription installment payment on the account, any remaining multi-pay charges are billed to your account when it’s reinstated from suspension even if the season has ended.

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