College Students Can Cut Costs by Cutting the Satellite or Cable Cord

Students can still get HDTV programming for free with easy to install Winegard antenna

BURLINGTON, Iowa (Aug. 30, 2012) – According to Kiplinger, one of the 12 things college students should cut from their expense is cable television. In a recent article, Kiplinger states that there are other ways to watch favorite programming. One way to receive that programming without contracts or monthly fees is with an HD antenna.

Winegard Co., inventor of the first multi-channel TV antenna for the United States, realized that Americans wanted another option and designed and developed the FlatWave® antenna for use inside a dorm, apartment or home. The antenna costs $39.99 and there are no monthly fees.

"When the average cable or satellite bill is $70 per month, the FlatWave antenna offers significant savings," said Grant Whipple, National Sales Manager for Winegard. "The antenna is also perfect for the student on the go. It is portable and can be used with a laptop outside and the student can take it to the next dwelling."

The near Blu-Ray® quality gives students the HDTV picture quality they have come to know without monthly fees. According to Nielson, the top 10 rated programming in the U.S. is on broadcast television.

The FlatWave digital TV antenna receives free HD broadcast for both VHF and UHF spectrums. The FlatWave has a razor thin, hide-away design for indoor use and comes with 15 ft. of mini coax cable for optimal placement. It has a simple plug in and play set up and does not require a professional installer.

The FlatWave has an MSRP of $39.99 and is available for purchase online through Winegard and Amazon® or in Costco® stores nationwide.

Winegard takes great pride in being more than just an assembler, marketing its antennas as "Made in the U.S.A."

About Winegard
Winegard Company is a respected world leader in the design and manufacture of innovative antenna products for satellite and terrestrial communications. Since its founding in 1954 when John Winegard designed the first multi-channel TV antenna, Winegard Company's pioneering solutions have shaped the industry for home, recreational vehicle (RV), truck, marine, medical, automotive, oil & gas industries, military and SNG making it the #1 Antenna Manufacturer in the USA. Winegard is a privately-owned company that has designed more than 1,000 antenna models and has earned over 60 U.S. Patents. To learn more about Winegard and their Made in America products, visit or call 800-288-8094.

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