New Winegard FlatWave Flat Indoor Digital Antenna Makes Free Broadcast TV More Accessible

Paper-thin, hide-away design reduces challenges associated with free TV reception

BURLINGTON, Iowa (Nov. 29, 2011) – Today there are a myriad of ways to receive TV:  cable, satellite, traditional broadcast, internet-streaming, etc. What few people realize is that there are literally hundreds of free digital channels available that can be accessed by simply adding a digital over-the-air antenna.  According to Nielsen’s Top Ten Most Watched Programs, on average, 80 to 90 percent are shows broadcast on the major networks such as ABC, NBC, and CBS. With digital antenna technology, all of these channels are available for free.  

The FlatWave antenna by Winegard is a flat, indoor digital TV antenna that can receive free broadcast TV stations in the highest-quality HD picture available.  Unlike the traditional, outdoor over-the-air antennas that require assembly and often times a professional installer to mount and set up the antenna, the FlatWave antenna comes with 15 ft. of mini coax cable attached for a simple plug in and play set up. The lightweight, unobtrusive antenna is best suited for urban areas where 93.76 percent of the population resides (according to the 2010 Census). 

“I am not surprised that people don’t really get excited about over-the-air TV antennas. The common perception is of the big, ugly, outdoor eyesores and the snowy channel reception,” said Cali Sartor, director of marketing for Winegard. "Digital technology has changed everything; the FlatWave is paper-thin and receives crystal-clear HDTV. What makes this antenna especially appealing is that anyone can set it up and it disappears into any décor.” 

The FlatWave is ideal for:

·        enhancing a current cable or satellite programming package

o       to enjoy superior HD

o       to have access to additional 24 hour local programming

o       or to serve as a back up in situations where programming may be temporarily lost such as weather, emergencies, programming disputes

·        televisions in the home, apartment or garage that are not hooked up to cable or satellite

·        persons looking to eliminate or reduce monthly service fees 

“There’s a fast growing population that are choosing to stream video content through the Internet as an alternative to traditional pay-TV service models,” said Sartor. “What the ‘cord-throttler’ is missing is live, local programming (i.e. a sporting event).  Adding a FlatWave gives them access to live programs without adding a monthly service charge.”  

In addition to the FlatWave, Winegard offers the BatWave digital indoor antenna that features a compact design with many of the same great benefits, at a lower price. 

In order to find out what TV networks are broadcasting free TV across the U.S. is Enter a physical address on the website and it will list the available channels for that exact location. For a listing of programming in your area, visit, choose broadcast and enter your zip code. 

The FlatWave is available at and other online retailers.

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