Winegard Special Products releases their flagship small-footprint special project system

The SF750A answers the need for a heavy-duty auto-deploy system with a small footprint for offshore applications  

BURLINGTON, Iowa – (March 14, 2011) – Winegard Company, a leader and innovator in mobile satellite and antenna solutions, announced the innovative new Winegard SF750A, a small-footprint auto-deploy system. Built with heavy-duty features and scalability suitable for energy and other enterprise applications, the SF750A antenna uses the strongest, most rugged actuators and motors in the industry. This allows for maximum reliability in extreme environments and provides the fastest acquisition times in the market.

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The SF750A’s modular design is ideal for oil and gas applications, where conserving footprint is necessary and height is not an issue.

All Winegard SF Series antennas use a single RG6 or RG11 control cable. With a simple, single-button operation system, the SF750A is easy to use and requires no external PC and provides multiple deployment sensors for quick signal acquisition, including a built-in DVB receiver, GPS antenna and compass and tilt sensors.

The cutting-edge 2U rack mount is included as an integral part of every system sold. Fully integrated, this simple-to-use control system has a built-in touch screen and can integrate with virtually any service platform in the industry, including modems from iDirect, Hughes, Comtech, Gilat, Viasat and Nera, among others.

Operational in winds exceeding 50 mph — a critical consideration for off-shore applications —the SF750A can survive in up to 150 mph winds.

For more information about the SF750A, visit or contact the 24-hour call center at 1-877-704-1112.

About Winegard Special Products

Winegard Special Products is a division of the Winegard Company of Burlington, Iowa. Winegard has built a worldwide reputation based on an unwavering commitment to innovation and continuous improvement in the quality, cost and delivery of its products, services and processes. Winegard employs more than 450 highly skilled, dedicated professionals, some of whom have 20, 30 and even 40 years with the company.

Winegard currently manufactures a wide array of products in five distinct product lines:

Special Products: Two-way VSAT satellite communications systems for the enterprise, energy, and emergency response industries in 0.84 meter, 0.96 meter, 1.2 meter and 1.8 meter configurations.

Mobile Television Reception Products: Recreational vehicle, truck, marine, and automotive applications. Digital and HD satellite TV antennas ranging from manual crank-up models to fully automatic stationary and in-motion systems with GPS/DVB. DTV and HDTV bi-directional and omni-directional over-the-air antennas. Ground antenna mounts and accessories.

Satellite TV Antennas and Mounts: Residential antennas ranging in size from 46 cm to 1 meter, including mounts and accessories.

Over-the-Air DTV/HDTV Antennas: DTV and HDTV VHF/UHF/FM TV antenna systems, distribution and preamplifiers, power supplies and accessories.

Telemetry: Medical and data antenna systems, distribution amplifiers, power supplies and accessories.

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