FreeVision Indoor Outdoor VHF/UHF TV Antenna

BURLINGTON, Iowa – (October 28, 2009) – Winegard Company introduces the patent pending FreeVision ultra-compact high gain antenna that is specifically tuned for Digital Television (DTV) frequencies in the USA. 

FreeVision antenna (FV-HD30) features:
  • FREE digital and HD programming - No monthly programming fees
  • More channels than ever before
  • Channels that aren’t available with cable and satellite (multicasting technology)
  • Clearest HD possible – no compression
  • Works great as a back-up antenna when cable or satellite signal is lost
  • High-band VHF and UHF reception in the US
  • Indoor Outdoor antenna

“The FreeVision antenna offers outstanding high-band VHF and UHF DTV reception performance allowing users to enjoy channels they may not have been able to receive before,” said Grant Whipple, sales manager, DTV Reception Products, Winegard. “This antenna is a great choice for people struggling to receive DTV signals in an urban or suburban environment. No other antenna packs this much performance into such a small design.”


Weighing just a mere 1.12 pounds, consumers will especially appreciate the ultra-compact size and sleek look where it will blend in nicely with any indoor or outdoor setting. The FreeVision antenna is easy to install and is compatible with all brands of TVs and receivers. It is paintable to blend with any surroundings, and operates within a 0-30 mile range of the broadcast tower. The FreeVision meets the FCC “Over-The-Air Reception Devices” (OTARD) rule of 1996, allowing you to install the FreeVision to the outside of ANY home or apartment (such as on a balcony, patio, or the roof of a single family home).


The FreeVision comes with a 75 ohm matching transformer and heavy duty U-bolt mounting clamp for outdoor installation and has a $39.99 MSRP.


Winegard Company is a proud member of Consumer Electronics Association.  The FreeVision antenna meets the CEA performance specifications for both indoor antennas and outdoor antennas.


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About Winegard 


Winegard Company has been manufacturing quality television and radio reception products for more than 55 years. Headquartered in Burlington, Iowa, Winegard enjoys a worldwide reputation that is based on many industry “firsts,” including the all-channel “Yagi” TV antenna, 82-channel antenna, antenna mounted preamplifiers, antenna amplifiers, the anodizing process, perforated aluminum satellite antenna and the RV television antenna, among others.


Winegard Company currently manufactures and markets four distinct product lines:  
  • Mobile Television Reception Products: Recreational vehicle, truck, marine, and automotive applications. Digital and HD satellite TV antennas ranging from manual crank-up models to fully automatic stationary and in-motion systems with GPS/DVB. DTV and HDTV bi-directional and omni-directional over-the-air antennas. Ground Antenna Mounts and Accessories.
  • Satellite TV Antennas and Mounts: Residential antennas ranging in size from 46 cm to 1 meter, including mounts and accessories.
  • Over-the-Air DTV/HDTV Antennas: DTV and HDTV VHF/UHF/FM TV Antenna Systems, Distribution and Preamplifiers, Power Supplies and Accessories.
  • Telemetry: Medical and Data Antenna Systems, Distribution Amplifiers, Power Supplies and Accessories.
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