The Digitalization of TV

In a new article at "Advertising Age", Terri Walter has written an in-depth article on aspects of the larger picture of the television "digital transition".

"TV is experiencing a fundamental shift. And it is not just because of the recession or the transition from analog to digital broadcasting" writes Terri. "TV is going digital in all aspects -- from its infrastructure and its content-distribution models to its advertising and audience measurement models."

While other aspects of the digital age of TV may not come with a hard date and a long line for coupons, they are just as important. What we watch and what programs are made is also drastically changing.

Competition is rapidly growing not only within the broadcast, cable and satellite markets but also with the addition of on-demand internet television, Slingbox and mobile television. With this increase in viewer competition comes an increase in competition for advertising dollars. Television mediums are coming up with new ways to tell exactly what you are watching, how long you are watching it and what makes you turn that channel so that advertisers can adjust at rapid speed.

The digital television age is here and it's not just about a converter box.

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