Over-The-Air Music Television Networks

As the DTV transition looms ever closer and broadcast networks, over-the-air consumers and over-the-air programming continues to expand, broadcast music networks have again began to step up their programming.

Currently four broadcast music networks exist including BVM, Fuse TV, Retro Jams and MTV2. While these networks are only available in certain larger markets, they have continued to expand and in some cases with the transition become sub-channels available through other networks.

Fuse TV Network has continued to expand with multiple broadcast affiliates, new channels on DISH Network and DIRECTV and agreements with local cable networks. Fuse has added several television celebrities to its programming including WWE superstar Chris Jericho hosting "Redemption Song", a talent reality show and former American Idol contestant Jared Cotter, the host of "No. 1 Countdown: Pop".

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