Winegard Carryout Automatic Portable Satellite TV Antenna

BURLINGTON, Iowa – (March 6, 2009) – Winegard’s new Carryout™ Automatic Portable Satellite TV Antenna will be available at RV dealerships and retailers starting March 16th. At only 15.6” high and 20” diameter, it is the most compact automatic portable satellite TV antenna on the market.   

A perfect partner for RVing, camping, boating, tailgating, races, wooded areas, cabins and vacation homes, the Carryout antenna can be used anytime, anyplace. RVers will be amazed at how easy the antenna is to set up and operate. No extra remote controls needed or buttons to push – the Carryout is 100% automatic! Runs off of 12V and plugs into a vehicle’s standard cigarette outlet.  

“We are excited to be offering a fully loaded portable antenna at an amazing low price ($899.00 MSRP), especially with today’s tough economy,” said Aaron Engberg, director, mobile products, Winegard. “At hundreds of dollars under the competing brand we are confident the Carryout will be a sought-after product for many RVers. The great part is customers can use the Carryout for so many other activities, not just RVing.”   

Featuring DVB technology, the Carryout automatically finds and switches between satellites. Compatible with all major satellite providers, the antenna receives standard and all HD programming for DISH Network® and Bell TV. Receives standard DIRECTV® programming only.   

Optional accessories (sold separately) include:  

Winegard Carryout™ Ladder Mount with quick disconnect – GM-3000

Mount your Carryout Automatic Portable antenna to the RV ladder for temporary or permanent installation. Weather resistant E-coat mount features quick-disconnect, so you can remove your Carryout antenna and set it on the ground or take it with you anywhere!  Comes with wall plate with on/off switch for convenient operation from inside the coach, cable entry plate, 50’ coax and 50’ power cable. $249.00 MSRP. 

Winegard Carryout™ 12V Power Converter – GM-1200

Sunforce 12V power converter allows you to hook up your Carryout to a 110V outlet when a 12V cigarette outlet is not available. AC/DC converter, 5.8 amps. $34.99 MSRP

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