DTV Transition - FCC Second Wave Report

Friday February 20, 2009 the FCC released it's official rules and procedures for implementing the DTV Delay Act which moved the final DTV Transition date from February 17, 2009 to June 12, 2009.

Many of the procedures involve changing all relevant dates to the new June 12, 2009 deadline but also sets guidelines and timelines for stations to announce their transition date if moving before June 12.

Broadcasters must now inform the FCC before March 17 if they plan to pull their analog broadcasting before the deadline. Transition Status Reports are now due on April 16 to outline transition plans.

Dates have also been extended for DTV education on cable, satellite and telco services and expanded them to require notices including FCC information on the transition.

The Analog Nightlight Act has also been extended to allow broadcast networks to operate for 30 days after the transition without advertising.

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