Winegard Company Offering Digital to Analog Converter Boxes

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Winegard Company Offering Latest Generation of
Digital to Analog Converter Boxes

BURLINGTON, Iowa – July 18, 2008 – In preparation for the analog-to-digital television switch in February 2009, Winegard is leading the RV satellite television industry with the introduction of the newest-generation in digital to analog converter boxes.  The new RCDT09A builds on all the great features of its predecessor, the RC-DT09, but adds an analog pass-through feature.

Analog pass-through is beneficial to RVers in two ways:  Installation of the converter box is easier; and it allows consumers to watch digital and analog programming. Since low-powered broadcast stations are not required to switch over to digital signals there will still be some programs transmitted in analog. Without an analog pass-through, programs sent in analog will not be able to be viewed. Therefore, in order to receive complete local broadcasting, the RCDT09A is the solution for RVers.

The RCDT09A installs between the existing analog television set and a Winegard over-the-air antenna, enabling consumers to receive local DTV stations for free, with no monthly programming fees. 

“We’re very pleased to introduce this latest-generation converter box to the RV market,” said Aaron Engberg, director of Winegard’s mobile products division.  “We’re striving to make the analog to digital conversion as easy as possible for the RV nation, and the new RCDT09A will do just that.  Aside from its easy installation, purchasing the new converter is far more economical than purchasing a new digital television.”

The new RCDT09A is ideal for both home and RV use and will be available in early August, and is eligible for the federal government’s $40 coupon program that can be used toward the purchase of certified DTV converter boxes. Visit for more information, or call 1-888-DTV-2009 (1-888-388-2009).

In addition, Winegard is partnering with Camping World to provide free RV television evaluations at all nationwide Camping World retail stores. These evaluations consist of a technician walking through your coach to determine what products, if any, you’ll need to purchase to be ready for the 2009 transition. With a government coupon, the RC-DT09A can be purchased at Camping World for $19.99 or installed at a low package price of $39.99. For more information, visit or call 1-888-622-6264.

Winegard Company currently manufactures and markets four distinct product lines:

  • Mobile Television Reception Products: Recreational vehicle, truck, marine, and automotive applications. Satellite systems ranging from manual crank-up models to fully automatic satellite tracking systems with GPS/DVB. Off-air antennas including bi-directional and omni-directional VHF/UHF/FM antennas. Ground Antenna Mounts and Accessories.
  • Satellite Antennas and Mounts: Residential antennas ranging in size from 46 cm to 1 meter, including mounts and accessories.
  • Off-Air Antennas: VHF/UHF/FM/AM and HD Antenna Systems, Distribution and Preamplifiers, Power Supplies and Accessories.
  • Telemetry: Medical and Data Antenna Systems, Distribution Amplifiers, Power Supplies and Accessories.

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