Out-of-Warranty Product Evaluation & Repair Request

Out-of-Warranty Product
Evaluation & Repair Request

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  Repair product without further approval if repair cost does not exceed $.

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Winegard Company will repair Out-of-Warranty Products according to the following procedures:

  1. Return to Winegard Company: Customer shall return the Out-Of-Warranty Evaluation and Repair Request (the "Request") included with this document. The Request includes an authorization for Winegard Company to charge up to Seventy Dollars ($70.00) for Winegard Company's time and service in evaluating the returned product. Please complete the Request in its' entirety or it may delay the processing of your Request. Once your Request is processed and accepted, the Customer will receive a RMA (Return Material Authorization) that will include the address to ship the product for repair. Once an RMA has been issued, the customer should ship the product back to Winegard at their expense following the instructions given with the RMA. When returning the Product, please include all power cords and/or accessories necessary for the operation of the Product.
  2. Estimate/Repair Authorization: Upon receipt of the Product, Winegard Company's Customer Service Technicians will evaluate the Product and attempt to determine the cause of the problem. If the cause of the problem is determined, Winegard Company will prepare an estimate of the cost to repair. If the cost of repair (including return shipping) is less than the amount authorized by Customer, Winegard Company will repair and return the Product without further direction. If the cost of repair (including return shipping) is greater than the preauthorized amount, or Customer has directed Winegard Company to obtain further authorization before repair, Winegard Company will provide the cost estimate to Customer for approval of any repair. Signing and returning the quote will serve as authorization for Winegard Company to repair and ship product back to Customer and bill Customer's credit card
  3. Repair and Return: Upon authorization and appropriate arrangement for payment, Winegard Company will repair the Product and return at Customer's expense. All replaced parts will carry a ninety (90) day warranty. Return shipping will be standard ground unless otherwise requested in writing and prepaid.
  4. Declined Repairs/Return: If Winegard Company determines repair is not economically feasible or Customer declines repair, Winegard Company will make a reasonable effort to obtain Customer's direction regarding disposition of the Product. If Customer fails to provide direction regarding disposition of the Product after Winegard has issued the quote for repair, Winegard Company will hold the Product for forty-five (45) calendar days. If direction is not received within the forty-five (45) day period, the Product will be considered abandoned and Winegard Company will dispose of the Product without further obligation.
  5. Dealer Returns: If the Product is returned by a Dealer using the Dealer Out-of-warranty Repair and Evaluation Form, Dealer shall acknowledge that he/she/it is acting upon behalf of the Owner of the Product, and shall indemnify Winegard Company from any claim by the Owner relating to the return by Dealer.
  6. Questions: Please contact Winegard Company's Technical Service at (800-788-4417) if you have any questions regarding this policy.

   I have reviewed, understand, and agree to comply with the above policy.

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