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Mobile DIRECTV Dish and Tripod
Winegard recommends model GB-8100 grounding block. Coax cables are RG-6/U cables and should be less than 100 feet.

*Refer to the National Electronic Code antenna gounding specifications.

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HDTV Digital Antenna Selector
Winegard HDTV Digital Antenna SelectorFind Your Perfect Antenna
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Wiring Wizard
Multiple Television Wiring GuidesMultiple TVs Wiring Guides
How to correctly wire multiple televisions from one antenna.
DIRECTV Antenna Wiring GuideDIRECTV Antenna Guide
Integrate broadcast TV with your satellite receiver.
DISH Antenna Wiring GuideDISH Antenna Guide
See local programming options on your receiver.
Cord Cutting Guides
TiVo Antenna Guide
Watch and record your shows in crystal clear HD!
HDHomeRun Antenna Guide
Record and watch from any computer wirelessly!
HDTV Antenna and DVR Combinations
Watch and record your favorite shows by pairing your HDTV antenna with a DVR device.

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