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TV/FM outlets allow use of TV or FM sets anywhere. These outlets provide convenient, permanent locations for connecting TV sets to antenna downleads, multi-set couplers, booster couplers or drop taps. Portable sets can be moved from one room to another and connected immediately to the antenna system. Flush mount models fit in any standard electrical box or may be mounted on plaster straps which are provided.

Color and design match standard duplex electrical outlets. Packaged complete, preassembled. Includes wall plate, receptacle or connector and mounting screws.

NOTE: Do not series-loop these outlets. See line tap-offs for series-loop systems. For surface mounting, see model SM-1000

OT-8700 Outlet OT-8700 Outlet (75 ohm input)
Flush mount 75 ohm TV outlet, ivory. Input and output connection through 75 ohm F-jack. Not isolated, no connectors. AC passive.

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OT-8702 Outlet(75 ohm input) OT-8702 Outlet (75 ohm input)
Same as OT-8700, but with two 75 ohm F-jacks. Ivory.

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ST-7700 Line Tap-Off ST-7700 Line Tap-Off
Selectable isolation line tap-off with 75 ohm F-type output connector. Connector included. Ivory only.

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TT-5901 Terminator
Terminator for tap-offs. Use one on last tap in each trunk line. Packed 6 per poly bag.

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SM-1000 Surface Mounting Box SM-1000 SURFACE-MOUNTING BOX
Low profile surface-mounting box for TV outlets or line tap-offs. Ideal for locations where flush mounting is not practical. Rugged plastic box mounts on any flat surface, accepts any outlets above. Mounting screws included. White only.

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