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SiliconDust HDHomeRun Antenna Guide

  HDHomeRun Dual Antenna Guide   Record and Watch FREE TV Over Your Home Network!
Use your Winegard antenna to receive FREE broadcast digital TV, record to your computer, and watch it on any device on your network!

  • Watch TV from any computer on your network
  • Record in full 1080i broadcast resolution
  • Watch, Pause, Record, and Rewind Live TV
  • Schedule and record all your favorite TV shows
  • Watch wirelessly on your iPad or iPhone via Wi-Fi

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HDHomeRun Dual HDTV Antenna Guide

HDHomeRun HDTV Antenna Guide - Step 1
Step 1: Connect Antenna to HDHomeRun Dual
Connect your Winegard antenna to the HDHomerun Dual by screwing the coax cable from the antenna into the signal in port on the HDHomeRun Dual. A single coax input feeds both internal tuners. All splitters and amplifiers must be placed in-line before the HDHomeRun Dual.

HDHomeRun HDTV Antenna Guide - Step 2
Step 2: Connect Ethernet Network Cable to HDHomeRun Dual
Connect the HDHomeRun to your network or home router using the supplied network cable. Alternatively the HDHomeRun can be connected directly to a PC or laptop using the supplied network cable. A cross-over cable is not required.

HDHomeRun HDTV Antenna Guide - Step 3
Step 3: Connect Power Adapter to HDHomeRun Dual
Plug in 5V/1A power adapter to the power connector on the back of the HDHomeRun Dual. Then plug the power adapter into your wall or power strip outlet.

HDHomeRun HDTV Antenna Guide - Step 4
Step 4: Install HDHomeRun Software and Open DVR Software
Insert the software disc into your computer. Setup will automatically detect your HDHomeRun Dual on the network. Follow the on-screen prompts entering your location and recording software such as Windows Media Center. Select "Digital Antenna" on the tuners tab. Perform a channel scan and finish the setup process.

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