Satellite Antenna Selector

Satellite Antenna Selector

With so many styles and options available, the challenging part is finding which antenna will best suit your needs. Using the search below, select which factors are most important to you and submit to view a list of all products which meet those criteria.

Which antenna is right for you?

#1: Portable or Mountable
Portable antennas provide you the flexibility to move the antenna for optimal viewing.
Roof mount antennas provide you with the option of stationary or in-motion viewing and require no set up and no storage space.

  Portable Portable antennas are the ideal solution for anyone wanting to enjoy satellite TV anytime, anywhere. With a portable antenna, there are basically no limits on where you can enjoy your favorite programs - tailgating, RVing, camping, hunting, BBQs, over-the road trucking, races, vacation homes, cabins, and more!            Roof Mount            Window/Side Vehicle Mount            Rear Cab Mount            Ladder Mount         
#2: Manual or Automatic
Manual antennas require you to manually set up and position the reflector to find or "lock on" a satellite.
Automatic antennas require no aiming each time you move locations.

  Manual Depending on the provider and programming you are viewing, there may be times when you will need to reposition the antenna to a different satellite in order to watch the program of your choice. Finding and locking on the correct satellite can be time consuming and frustrating. As long as you are up to the challenge, a manual antenna is a good choice.

Manual antennas often have optional accessories such as tripod mounts, satellite finder meters, and compasses that are all designed to make the search process easier. Be sure to consider the cost of the accessories when making a decision on whether to go with a manual or automatic antenna.
           Automatic Due to the fact that satellite programming providers now have their programming spread across multiple satellites, automatic antennas have gained significant popularity among consumers. The fast and simple 'plug it in and let it do the rest' operation usually offsets the higher price for many buyers. No aiming needed. No patience required. Just sit back and watch your favorite shows.   
#3: In-motion or Stationary
In-motion satellites allow for use not only when the vehicle is parked in a stationary position, but also when the vehicle is in-motion.
Stationary satellites are intended for use only when the vehicle is parked in a stationary position.

  In-motion            Stationary
#4: Satellite Provider and Definition Preference
In order to watch HD programming, you must also have an HDTV and an HD receiver with a current subscription to an HD programming package (sold separately).

  Dish Network Standard      Dish Network HD   
  DIRECTV Standard      DIRECTV HD If you prefer DIRECTV and want HD, your options will be limited to a manual antenna, using a home reflector, since there currently is no HD-Ready automatic portable antenna on the market for DIRECTV.   
  Shaw Direct      Shaw Direct HD   

#5: Viewing Options
  Multiple programs on multiple televisions simultaneously When using a DVR or multiple receivers, you will not disrupt recording or other receivers viewing when the primary receiver switches from one channel to another on different satellites.   
  Single television, or identical programs on multiple televisions Crank-ups, portables, and domes toggle between satellites, limiting viewing to one satellite at a time. This means all TVs must watch programming from the same satellite.   

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