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Mobile Accessories

Miscellaneous accessories
to assist with a safe and
accurate antenna setup

  TE-1000 Short Detector
Hand-held portable coax short detector for 75 ohm cable with F-type connector.


  SC-2000 Satellite Alignment Compass
Use local zip code to obtain the azimuth setting from satellite receive and aim your dish in the direction indicated by the compass. Fast accurate needle in liquid-filled waterproof vial. Easy to read alignment instructions printed right on the compass!


  Our Price: $19.99    

  SF-1000 Satellite Finder
Meter with audio tone helps you align satellite antenna to signal.


For use with RM satellite models. Provides level surface, designed for front-to-back and side-to-side sloping vehicle roofs.


  CS-2000 Cable Stripper
Quick, accurate cut of RG-6 & RG-59 coax cable, adjustable.


  PS-1224 Power Supply
Converts any standard 117 VAC electrical outlet to a +12 VDC power source. Over load, over temperature and over voltage protected. Output: +13.5 VDC, 8 A.


  SP-6311 Crimping Tool
Hex crimping tool gives tight, neat crimp, forRG-59/U, RG-6/U hex connections. Allen wrench included.


  TE-1400 Voltage Tester
Hand-held portable voltage tester for +12 VDC on coax.

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