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Carryout Satellite Antenna Accessories

Carryout Accessories

Accessories for your Carryout
Portable Satellite Antenna
TR-1518 Carryout Tripod Mount
  • Easy assembly with Sturdy mount (ground anchor/bungee)
  • Adjustable height and leveling settings (14.5" - 22")
  • Secure unit with anchor loop
  • Quickly disassembles for compact storage
  • Compatible Winegard Satellite Antennas:
    • Carryout G2 (GM-2000)
    • Carrout Anser (GM-5000)
    • Pathway X1 (PA-2000)
    • Pathway X2 (PA-6002)
    • Carryout Automatic (GM-1518, GM-1599, and GM-0700)
    • Carryout Manual (GM-MP1)

TR-1518 Manual TR-1518 Manual (French)
TR-1518 Manual Manual (French)
Carryout Portable Satellite TR-1518 Tripod
Our Price: $89.99     Quantity:    
RK-2000 Roof Mount Kit
Convert your compatible portable satellite antenna into a roof mount antenna without having to pay the price of a roof mount antenna. The RK-2000 is easy to install. Simply remove the portable feet and antenna dome, line up roof feet and fasten into place, replace antenna dome, and mount on roof. Learn More...

Compatible Winegard Satellite Antennas:
  • Carryout G2 (GM-2000)
  • Pathway X1 (PA-2000)

RK-2000 Installation Manual
RK-2000 Installation Manual
RK-2000 Roof Mount Conversion Kit
Our Price: $49.99     Quantity:    
GM-1200 Carryout 12V Power Converter
Nature Power 12V power converter allows you to hook up your Carryout G2 (GM-2000), Carryout Anser (GM-5000), Carryout GM-1518, and Carryout GM-0700 to a 110V outlet when a 12V cigarette outlet is not available.

AC/DC converter, 5.6 amps. Unit weight: 1 lb.
GM-1200 Carryout 12V Power Converter
Our Price: $34.99     Quantity:    
RP-GM52 50' Portable Satellite Antenna Power Cord
50' replacement 12V power cord for use with the Winegard GM-5000, GM-1518, and GM-0700.
RP-GM52 50 Foot Power Cable
Our Price: $39.99     Quantity:    
SF1000 Satellite Finder
Meter with audio tone helps you align satellite antenna to signal.
SF-1000 Satellite Finder
Our Price: $19.99     Quantity:    
SC-2000 Satellite Alignment Compass
Use local zip code to obtain the azimuth setting from satellite receive and aim your dish in the direction indicated by the compass. Fast accurate needle in liquid-filled waterproof vial. Easy to read alignment instructions printed right on the compass!
SC-2000 Satellite Alignment Compass

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