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HD7084P - Channel tips
Date Modified: 2009-04-18


Over the past 12-16 months I have purchased and installed 2 complete HDTV antenna systems. Both are Winegard HD7084P HDTV antennas with Winegard AP-8275 Pre Amplifiers and RG6 Quad Shielded coaxial cable with HQ Digicon connectors. The antennas are mounted on my roof at approximately the same height and are about 35 feet apart. I'm currently using 2 LCD HDTV's. Each TV is connected to it's own individual antenna system. No signal splitters are used with either set up. Up until just a few days ago my over the air reception of digital broadcasts was perfect. A few days ago I lost my ability to pull in DTV 3.1 on just one of the TV's. When I check the signal strength I get 0%. However, I am still able to clearly receive that same channel on the other TV. Can you help resolve this problem?

Tech Tip:
Your problem could be that channel 3.1 which is broadcasting it’s digital signal over the air on channel 26’s frequency may have reduced their power while getting ready for the switch over in February. The TV set that is not is receiving 3.1 may not be quite as sensitive as the other TV set. Try switching TV sets to see if they work with the different antennas.

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