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RM-9946 - Searching Questions
Date Modified: 2009-04-20

We've had the RM-9946 on our RV for 4 years. When we turn it on, the dish will find the satelite with a good picture on the TV. Then the picture will disappeaar because the dish will go around a couple more times before it again locks on the satelite. I've asked DirecTV people and they don't know what's happening. Do you know?

Tech Tip:

The RM-9946 uses multiple satellites to determine which satellite it has found. The RM-9946 will fine tune on the first satellite that it finds for a minute or two. This is generally long enough to give you a picture. However, to verify that it is locked on the correct satellite it needs to move off and find two more satellites. If the antenna eventually ends up back on the correct satellite then it is operating correctly. However, if the RM-9946 stops for ten minutes and then moves, you may have something more serious going on.

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