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MV3500T/RT1200T - DISH receiver
Date Modified: 2009-01-23

Tech Tip:
The receiver is in charge: The receiver sends signals to the satellite dish telling it which satellite to look at. If the receiver is not set up correctly for the Winegard dish, they won’t be speaking the same language and the dish will very likely “fail” the search. First, access your Signal Strength screen: Press MENU button.  Select “System Setup” (6), “Installation” (1), “Point Dish/Signal” (1). Next perform a Check Switch: You won’t need to perform this test again, unless check switch is performed on another dish.
  1. From the “Point Dish/Signal Meter” Screen, use arrow buttons on remote to select “Check Switch”.
  2. Disconnect “satellite in” cable from the back of receiver.
  3. Select “Test” on this screen to clear out any previous information.
  4. “No Switch Detected” will be displayed when finished.
  5. Reconnect cable. Turn on the Unit.
  6. Once the unit finds the satellite it will “Fine Tune” for six to eight minutes.
  7. After six minutes, your Unit will check its location and stop moving.
  8. When this happens, run another “Test”.
  9. This second test should find an SW42 switch. Please refer to the drawing below.
  10. Select “Cancel” from each menu until you are watching television.

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