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AS-2003 - Search Troubleshooting
Date Modified: 2009-04-16

Tech Tip:

The AS-2003 uses a GPS map and multiple signal acquisition to find the correct satellite. This means that it finds out where it is using GPS and then calculates where the satellites should be in the sky relative to one another. However, since it doesn’t know which direction it is facing, it doesn’t know which satellite it has found until it completes its search. To help ensure that it finds the correct satellite, here are some things to look for.


Is the AS-2003 level while it searches? If not, it changes the “elevation” at which the unit finds a signal. Since the unit knows where it is and knows where the satellites should be, if the unit is more than 3 degrees off level, the unit can be “fooled” into failing to find the correct satellite.


Is the wire harness routed exactly the way it is shown in the manual? If the harness is not routed correctly, it is likely that it will cause the unit to “catch”. This “catch” causes damage to the gears. The unit counts each time the motor moves to determine how far it has moved. If the gears are damaged, the unit will lose count causing it to fail its search.


Is the sky open enough to find the signal? The unit must find every satellite within a window around the correct satellite. This means that the system could have a clear view of the correct satellite and still fail its search due to an obstruction. The AS-2003 must see every satellite within a 20 degree window. If just one of these are blocked by a tree or a building for example, the unit will fail its search.

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