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The Compass, Friend or Foe?
Date Modified: 2009-04-21

Tech Tip:

Few things are more helpful when trying to find a satellite signal than a compass. While nearly everyone “knows” where North is, very few are accurate about it. Most use a river, highway or celestial body to determine direction. Sadly, none of these are 100% accurate. To give yourself the best chance to find a satellite signal you want to use a compass.

A compass is just as capable of making finding a satellite both painfully difficult and blissfully simple. It all depends on how you use it. For a Crank Up dish, all you need is to find north. To do this, take the compass away from the coach, at least five good steps away from the coach. This should keep the compass from reading your coach and make it locate north. Once you find north, make an imaginary line from the needle on your compass to the horizon. Find something on this line that you will be able to see from the coach; the further away the object is the better. This landmark will help you when you get back to the coach.

Once you get back to the coach, point the arrow on the dial that say’s “Point North” at your landmark. This should give you a very accurate guide when looking for the satellite.

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