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The Movin' View
Date Modified: 2009-04-21

Tech Tip:

Every unit can fail despite the best efforts of a highly trained team of Manufacturers, Installers and Owners. At any point a simple mistake can bring the customers relaxing satellite television experience to a screeching halt. Here are two quick steps that will fix almost every problem. These steps apply for both the 12 “ Road Trip and the 15” Movin’ View 

Receiver set up

The biggest common problem is that people forget to check the receiver set up. Since the Winegard system listens to the receiver for clues as to which satellite the dish should be pointed at, the dish will often get confused by conflicting signals from the receiver if the set up is not correct. These signals can cause the satellite dish to fail in a dozen ways each more confusing than the last. 

To avoid this confusion, the first step in ANY troubleshooting on an automatic Winegard satellite system is to check the receiver set up. For DirecTV set the receiver for an Oval Dish with 2 LNB Locations. For Dish Network the check switch should read SW42. While our dish has only one LNBF and NO switch device, the dish does an effective job fooling each receiver into thinking that is what they are working with. 

Switch Settings

The Winegard system must be told which satellite it needs to look for. This is done by setting the switches on the electronics box (under the dome on the roof).  These switches MUST be set carefully for the satellite you want to find. Having even one switch in the wrong position or more likely, not fully locked into either the up or down position can cause the satellite dish to enter any of several dozen modes that could cause the system to fail in rather interesting ways.

The first thing to check anytime you look under the dome is the switch setting. Set each switch all the way down then back up listen or feel to make sure it clicks into position. Then set the switches according to the manual for the satellite you wish to find, again making certain the switch is fully in position.

If the switch settings are incorrect or one switch is not fully locked into position, the unit could enter one of many diagnostic or test modes. While in these modes the unit will not find a satellite or may find an unwanted satellite. 

Got Voltage?

The final thing I want to talk about is voltage. If the receiver isn’t able to get voltage to the electronics, the dish won’t find anything.  Remove the coax cable running from the coach to the electronics box (under the dome) and test it for 12 -18 VDC. If you have this voltage and the unit still isn’t locking onto the signal, it might be time to talk to Winegard Technical Support. If you do not have this voltage, one way to locate this problem is to use a cable that you know is good and run it directly from the receiver’s “Satellite In” jack to the electronics box on the dish.

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