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Sensar (Batwing) - Seasonal Maintenance
Date Modified: 2009-04-21

What, if any, seasonal maintenance is required on my Winegard Sensar antenna?

Tech Tip:

The Winegard Sensar or “Batwing” antenna requires very little care throughout its life, however 3-4 times each year it is strongly recommended that the unit receive some maintenance. By raising the antenna and spraying the gears with a Silicon Spray Lubricant you can increase the life and the enjoyment of the Sensar. This “bath” helps in two ways. First by cleaning the dirt and debris from the gears the unit will be easier to operate, making raising the unit much less taxing. Secondly, this lubricates the seal that prevents water from flowing into the coach. Without this lubrication, the seal will eventually get brittle and crack. Properly lubricated, this seal should last for the life of unit.

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