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Sensar (Batwing) - It's Stuck!
Date Modified: 2009-04-21


I just purchased a pre owned RV with a crank operated antenna.  The crank will not raise or lower the antenna.  It appears to be stuck because it won’t move even with extreme pressure.  The previous owner never used it because he installed a satellite. What could the problem be?  Could I get another mount with crank assembly or do I need a whole new antenna system?

Tech Tip:

Often in cases where the previous owner didn’t use the antenna they didn’t think to maintain it. As time passes, little bits of road dirt and other debris collect in the gears, making them nearly impossible to move.  Have someone who feels comfortable getting up on the roof of the RV take a can of SILICONE SPRAY lubricant and give the gear housing a good bath. This should wash everything out of the gears and allow you to use your antenna. One thing to remember,  DO NOT use the more common spray, WD-40, as it is a solvent and will ruin your gears!

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