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RCDT09A - And the Sensar Batwing
Date Modified: 2009-04-20

I have an RV with a Winegard Batwing tv antenna with a wall mounted signal booster. I recently installed a Winegard DT09 converter box. Now I don't get all of the major network stations. I have read that the batwing I have should be sufficient. Is this true? Or does it need to be replaced with a newer model? Or can an additional signal amplifier be added? Also it would appear that the DT09 does not have pass through mode since when I shut it off I do not get any of the analog channels. Is it supposed to have a pass through mode? I see the DT09A talked about on your web site. It specifically mentions a pass through mode.

Tech Tip:

There are two versions of the converter box.  The RC-DT09 which does not have the analog pass through and The RCDT09A which does have the analog pass through Otherwise the units are the same. The Sensar or Batwing antenna should be fine for most stations. Some channels will move when the transition happens and depending on where you are your signal may improve or get worse based on what the broadcaster does. For the most part, if you are happy with the Sensar for analog, you will be happy with it for digital. Many of the local stations are not broadcasting digital yet. 

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