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Improve your DirecTV's 119 satellite signal.
Date Modified: 2009-04-20


Recently I bought an RV with a Winegard crankup single LNB dish. I hooked my DirecTV D11 SD box to it to see what would happen. I got a really good signal via my sat finder, but I never got signals on T1 - T17 on 101. I get T-25 thru T-32 with 89 to 90 signal but never a Transponder lower than that. I just never get T1 - T17. Do I need to buy a different dish or do I have a bad LNB?

Tech Tip:

It sounds like you are on DirecTV’s 119 satellite. DirecTV only uses the higher transponders on the 119. Make sure that the RV is level and it often helps to take a compass heading when you are outside and away from the RV by several steps as the RV will influence the compass.

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