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SS-2000 - Adding splitters
Date Modified: 2009-02-23

I recently purchased a SS-2000 antenna, planning to mount it on my roof. So far, it is working well enough that it is just resting on my living room floor. I now would like to split the signal from the antenna. Is there anything special about the splitter you provide for connection of the power supply, or can I replace the 2-way splitter you provided with an off-the-shelf 3-way splitter with one of the three legs connected to the power adapter?

Tech Tip:
The unit you call a 2-way splitter is not a splitter but a power injector which sends power up to the antenna and must be used. You will merely need to run a coax cable from the connector on the power injector marked "TV" to your 3 way splitter. You can then run coax to your TV's from the splitter, but the injector included with the antenna must be used.

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