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HD9095P - VHF add-on
Date Modified: 2009-04-18

A few months ago, to prepare for the upcoming digital changeover date, I purchased one of your HD9095P UHF Yagi Style HDTV Antennas with a rotor. So I start to read on the AVS fourn, and found out that some areas will have some stations broadcasting DTV on VHF in addition to UHF. All along we, the consumers, have been told that DTV will be UHF. Is there some kind of add-on that I can add to the 9095P Yagi too pick up the top end of the VHF channels?

Tech Tip:
I would suggest that you couple/add a YA-1713 yagi to your HD9095P antenna. The YA-1713 is 10 element antenna designed to receive channels 7-13. You can stack the YA-1713 above or below the HD9095P. From the YA-1713 you will run a coax cable to the VHF coupling connector on the HD9095P antenna housing. Then you will have the VHF and UHF signals combined onto a single cable.

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