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RV-7004 compatible with TR-40 CRA?
Date Modified: 2009-04-21

I am using a RV-2001 antenna on my RV. Before I upgrade my TV antenna to a RV-7004, will the RV-2001 antenna work with my TR-40 CRA Digital to analog converter box? The TR-40 was provided by DISH Network.

I cannot find the RV-7004 on the web site. I figured this model is for manufacturers of RV's and the nearest one that looks like the antenna that I currently have is RV-3095 antenna.

Tech Tip:

Before you pay to upgrade your antenna, the RV-2001 is the model number for the RV-3095 antenna head only. The RV-7004 is the four pack version of the RV-3095 antenna.

There is a lot of confusion on what will and will not work next year and many people are selling and buying antennas with out really understanding what is happening. Both the RV-2001 and the RV-7004 will work with the converter.

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