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AP-4700 - Wiring instructions
Date Modified: 2009-04-16

I am trying to install the Winegard AP-4700 preamplifier to my Antenna. My antenna has one input for a coax connection. The instructions I received are not clear about hooking up my unit. There is an input on the bottom of the Winegard unit for the antenna and one for the power supply. How does the "Power Injector", model PS-1503, fit into the system?

Tech Tip:

The proper way to hook up the AP-4700 preamplifier is as follows:

1You run a cable from the antenna to (antenna input) on the AP-4700.

2 From the (to power supply) on the AP-4700 you run your cable into the house where the PS-1503 is mounted.

3 At the power supply/injector. The cable coming from the AP-4700 (to power supply) will attach to the (ANT) connector on the power injector.

4 The wall transformer will hook to the connector on power injector marked PWR.

5  From the power injector connector marked TV you go to you TV set or splitter system.   

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