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MS-1000 - In the attic @ 8-20 miles
Date Modified: 2009-02-14


I live in an area where they won't let me put an antenna on the roof. Will a MS-1000 antenna work in an attic? Most stations are within 15 miles, but I plan to split signal to 2  TV's. A third party website says that because I am splitting signal to 2 TV's (one over 50 feet away) I need your HDA 100 amplifier.

Tech Tip:

Since you are installing the antenna in the attic I would recommend the MS-1000 non-amplified antenna and an HDP-269 preamplifier since you are from 8-20 miles from your TV stations. This way we have more options without the amplifier being built into the antenna if we need more amplification after the installation. I do not believe that you will need the HDA-100 amplifier but you cannot know for sure until you install the system.

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