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HDA-100 - Fixing Loss
Date Modified: 2009-02-14

I bought a Winegard HDA-100 and installed it this evening. We were watching digital channel 10 this morning and about 11am it disappeared. I installed the amp before the splitters. I called channel 10 and talked to an engineer who said their signal hasn't been down.  The analog signal comes in great. I don't know where to go from here to recover the digital signal.  Any ideas?

Tech Tip:
Check your antenna alignment to verify that it is pointed for optimal signal reception. Also, do not use push-on type F connectors (factory formed cables) in the digital signal path (path from the antenna to the digital converter or digital tuner input).  These types of cables do not seat well enough to maintain reliable digital signal response.  On the other hand, push-on cable may be used at the output of a digital converter for Ch. 3 or Ch. 4 transmission to the television.

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