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GS-2000 - Blinking Power LED
Date Modified: 2009-04-17

I recently connected two addional coax lines to my GS-2000 via a 4-way splitter. I previously had only a 2-way splitter connecting two coax lines to 2 TV's. I then noticed the LED indicator on the power supply was not consistently ON and my reception was poor. I have since replaced the power supply. The LED is consistently ON however I still have poor reception. Is the GS-2000 power supply capable of supporting four coax lines simultaneously?

Tech Tip:
If the red light goes out you have a short between the power supply and the antenna, or your antenna head has a problem. The short can be a bad connection, moisture in the cable, a break in the cable etc. If you have a PS-9370 power supply you should have at least 12-20 volts AC between the center conductor and the outside of the F connector at the end of the cable going into the antenna head. If your power supply is a PS-1503 then your voltage at the end of the cable should be between +12 to +20 volts DC. You can not mount a splitter between the power supply and the antenna head unless this splitter is only AC/DC passive on one leg otherwise the voltage will short out and not reach the antenna head. If you have enough signal after the power supply to run 2 TV's, but when you change the 2-way splitter to a 4-way splitter your picture gets bad. Then you do not have enough signal and you will need a distribution amplifier between the power supply and the splitter. I suggest the Winegard model HDA-100 distribution amplifier.

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