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HD8200U - With 2 cable runs
Date Modified: 2009-04-18


I just put up a Winegard HD8200U and I want to run 2 lines from it. I noticed on the cartridge housing there is another spot for a downlead. Is it better to install another downlead or just run a splitter from the already present downlead? I have a winegard AP-8275 preamp on each line. I'm trying to lose very little signal.

Tech Tip:

There is only one 75 ohm downlead connection on the HD8200U antenna. You will need to use a 2-way splitter (Winegard model SP-1002) after the power supply of your AP-8275. If need be you can also add a HDA-100 distribution amplifier between the power supply and the SP-1002 splitter to increase your signal to overcome loss in long cable runs.

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