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HDA-200 - Usages
Date Modified: 2009-02-07

I purchased a Winegard antenna and AP-8275 Preamp. I am very happy with both and when I had one TV on the system the picture was great! I noticed every time I added a line and TV, the picture degraded. I reasoned that a distribution amplifier might be needed between the preamp and the splitter. I looked at your HDA-200, but I did not understand the bidirectional feature or whether that amplifier would work for over the air broadcasts. The cable I used was 75 Ohm RG6 Quad Shield. I have seven TV's connected and two FM receivers. I would like to know what Winegard product(s) you would advise me to use to improve the picture.

Tech Tip:
You should be able to install an HDA-200 between your preamplifier power supply and your splitters. Depending on how your splitter system is wired the adjustable gain should neutralize this loss and every thing should work. The 2 way by pass is used to send internet and cable signals backwards through the amplifier when used in cable systems.

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