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MS-2000 - FM capable?
Date Modified: 2009-02-03

I am interested in purchasing the Winegard Metrostar MS-2000. Did I read correctly that the MS-2000 picks up FM signals as well as VHF/UHF signials? Would it be possible for me to use a splitter (downsream from the power supply) so that the MS-2000 can simultaneously double as a TV & FM Stereo antenna?

Tech Tip:
The MS-2000 antenna will receive some FM signal. However the FM signal goes through a -18dB FM trap then into the 18dB gain preamplifier. What this means is that you will loose some of the weak FM signals before they are reamplified. To separate your FM signal after the power supply use a CA-8800 TV/FM separator/ joiner.  

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