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RM-DM61 - w/ Multiple Satellites
Date Modified: 2009-04-21

I have a Winegard RM-DM61 and I was wondering if it is possible to find multiple satellites with this unit? If it is possible is there an instruction sheet for this?

Tech Tip:

The crank up dish is only able to see one satellite at a time. While this makes things a bit harder for crank up users than it is for people using an automatic system, the good news is that once you find one satellite it becomes easy to move to the second. To do this with Dish Network:

1.      Verify that the receiver lists “switch unknown” in the check switch menu.

2.      To clear the switch or make it list unknown, disconnect the coax from the receiver and run the check switch.

3.      Once it reads “unknown” reconnect the coax back in and return to the signal meter screen.

4.      If you have a signal then you know exactly where your dish is pointed, check the “Point Dish and Signal” screen on your receiver and enter the zip code in for your location and select the 119 satellite.

5.      Write down the Azimuth and Elevation settings for the 119 satellite then select the 110 satellite and write down the Azimuth and Elevation settings.

6.      Calculate the difference between these angles.

7.      Move the dish to the new angles. The receiver should lock on to a new signal but some “peaking” may be required.

8.      Run the “Check Switch” on the receiver to “force” the receiver to recognize the new satellite.

9.      Use steps 4-8 to move back to the 119 satellite.

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