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Sensar (Batwing) - Recent reception loss
Date Modified: 2009-01-31

The Winegard amplified antenna on my camping trailer has been working well since I bought it new with my trailer 3 yrs ago. However recently the reception has become very poor. Although trying different TV's, and conecting cable did not improve matters, I've found that touching the center wire of the coax cable to the metal exterior of the coax connector produces a good signal. Can you suggest what might be the problem?

Tech Tip:
It sounds like you have a ground problem. To find this, disconnect everything from the power supply except the 12V power, the antenna and the television. Try the system again. If it is still failing, use a good piece of coax to replace the cables one at a time, to the antenna and then to the TV. If none of these cables are the issue, start unplugging all the things in your coach that are connected to coax one at a time until the problem goes away. The thing you unplug that removes the problem will tell you where the problem is.

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