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SK-3005 - In Mexico
Date Modified: 2009-04-21

I am considering replacing my current Winegard dish with the new Trav'ler SK-3005 but we spend our winters in Mexico.  Currently we have to use a 39" Gospell dish in Mazatlan in order to pick up a satellite signal.  With the new Trav'ler will I be able to get a signal since it is 44" x 34"?

Tech Tip:
The SK-3005 will struggle that far South; you will generally need a 76 cm or 1M dish to pull the signal in there. I would love to tell you that the SK-3005 would be all you need but while it is a very large reflector, it is also tuned for five satellites basically making it 5 smaller dishes rather than one large one.

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